Two jammers lock each other to cancel each other

The first use of electronic jamming countermeasures can be traced back to World War II. Radar-controlled artillery shot down many Allied aircraft. These systems use radar signals to block and track air targets and direct air defense firepower. When conducting critical joint operations, resistance forces place RF interference near these weapons. The video in the news movie shows how the howitzer spins frantically and fires randomly due to interference. The barrel designers were too arrogant and did not consider the possibility of interference, so they never used a “manual override” switch.

There are many reasons to use a cell phone signal blocker. Due to the permission of local authorities, some of them can be used legally. cell phone jammer are usually used in places where the mobile signal is blocked and cannot ring for safety reasons or forced mobile mute. With all the news reports about the illegal use of consumer drones and aircraft errors, it is not surprising that another new technology made the headlines: “anti-drone” or “anti-drone” measures. The US government has spent $17 billion to purchase 50,000 jammer units. These units have cool names, such as Warlock Green, Warlock Red, Warlock Duke, Acorn, etc. But at the beginning of the war, a game of cat and mouse took place between the radio frequency interceptor and the improvised explosive device. The interceptor lags far behind the cat and the mouse. They are too slow, they can’t adapt, they can only protect a few yards. Hell, from time to time there are two jammers locked to each other and cancel each other out.

The DroneGun tactical jammer has successfully passed the French military’s DREP test, which measures the electromagnetic radiation level of human users. In fact, as Bloomberg pointed out, this is not a weapon, but a drone jammer-HP 47 Counter UAV Jammer to be exact. It does not shoot the aircraft from the air-it prevents the aircraft from being remotely controlled, allows the aircraft to float in the air, and prevents images or videos from being sent back to the owner. It works by wifi signal to the UAV’s interference signal, which makes it unresponsive. The thermal imaging camera allows Auds operators to target unwanted drones through high-power radio signals before the signal is activated. The UK is ready to use advanced drone interception technology in large-scale public events and sporting events to detect, track and change the control of any drone that terrorists fly remotely as an aerial weapon.