Companies can use jammers to disrupt competitors’ operations

In September 2017, the situation was equally grim, when SAS and Widerøe aircraft had to use radio signals to navigate when they entered the airspace of Finnmark East due to the loss of GPS. The interference coincided with Russia’s main military exercise “Zappard”. According to the Iraqi general, the on-board “beacon” signals provided by the United States to the Iraqi security forces greatly reduced the threat of ISIS drones in the battle for Mosul. Others will return to fallback mode, such as going home or cruising to the ground. The advantage is that the drone falling from the sky will not cause collateral damage. Moreover, the gps jammer will not damage the drone itself. If drones belong to an innocent party, so much the better.

Perfectjammer’s Radar Jammer Gun forces the drone to land or return to the drone operator immediately, which means it can protect people and infrastructure assets from drones. A distinctly different type of anti-riot weapon found in Iraq is the DroneDefender manufactured by Battelle, which is similar to an assault rifle but has a directional energy frequency jammer mounted on the frame. It has a range of about 400 yards and works by disconnecting the link with the drone controller or GPS device.

Children with boxes or toolboxes can make and use jammers to annoy parents, schools, and commit similar forms of confusion. Companies can use jammers to interfere with competitors’ operations, slow down or block the company’s network, or prevent important data from reaching its destination. Financial institutions can interrupt communications to provide even a millisecond advantage in completing a profitable transaction. Military traffic jams can cause drones to crash, interfere with tactical communications, and even cause congestion or change GPS signals to confuse the enemy.