Japan allows the installation of jammers in public places such as theaters and concert halls

Japan allows the installation of jammers in public places such as theaters and concert halls, but requires a permit issued by the government. Last week, the French Minister of Industry approved the decision to allow cinemas, concert halls and theaters to be installed, but only if there are provisions for emergency calls. Tokyo-based Medic Inc. sold thousands of Wave Wall cell phone jammer before the government stepped in and regulated its use in the field.

The device is designed to interfere with GPS and control. It is basically a highly directional broadband RF ** EDIT ** gun. If Wyatt thinks that “writing code that ignores interference” is reasonable, he will not understand how RF works. This is not how it works. The purpose of this device is to lock the GPS and control the frequency. This will destroy your ability to operate manually and autonomously. According to Braasch, if gsm interference or other problems cause GPS position to be inaccurate, the RAIM function of the GPS device for IFR approach should provide a warning: “RAIM is basically a form of failure detection. Please check the range. Observe all satellites, And check whether they are consistent with each other, and if they are inconsistent, ignore them.

ALQ-99 can be traced back to 50 years ago and has reached its limit in terms of effective isotropic radiation power, advanced modulation capabilities and capacity, especially in the face of modern threats. “The reason we buy next-generation jammers is that the threat will become more and more serious. The first increase in the jammer will reach the initial combat capability around 2021. This threat lies in the electromagnetic spectrum. The next war will be in the electromagnetic spectrum. Admiral Michael Manazil, director of the Naval Air Warfare Department, told members of Congress in April while also providing an update on the next generation of jammers.