Mobile jammers work similarly to radio jammers

By sending the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, the mobile phone jammer works like a radio jammer. Doing so will cause enough interference to prevent the call from connecting to the phone. There are currently two types of cell phone jammers. The first category is usually smaller devices that block signals sent from cell towers to individual cell phones. The lock frequency is between 800MHz and 1900MHz. Most devices using this technology can block signals within a 30-foot radius. Mobile phones within this range have no signal at all.

The most likely use is for law enforcement to stop the illegal (but not malicious) use of drones. Of course, the stage must also have an environment that may block unmanned aerial vehicles. These unmanned aerial vehicles land in open fields and the like, rather than in crowds such as stadiums. The device is a directional gps jammer; it may also be designed for interference control, but its main mode of operation is almost certainly a directional GPS noise blocker; in other words, it will only generate noise on the GPS signal, if it is not well protected , GPS antenna with fairly good directivity, GPS signal will not be able to distinguish.

A spokesperson for Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday that China’s installation of military equipment with drone detonators at an outpost in Tru Ansha, South China Sea, has severely violated Vietnam’s sovereignty, commonly known as the East China Sea. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing Reuters, satellite images taken by the commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe showed a suspected jamming system with an extended antenna located on Mischief Reef in the South China Sea. Russia’s use of interference in non-full-scale warfare will reduce its effectiveness in actual warfare, because the US and allied forces are studying these signals and discovering ways to overcome these signals and improve anti-interference systems. The US Army is already looking for field weapons that do not rely on GPS for precise positioning. In the long run, providing military support to a regime that wastes its own people may ultimately harm Russia militarily, let alone politically.