Jammers are becoming more and more common in life

With a mobile phone with a handheld tracker, you can view the location of the monitored target by opening the GPS map navigation. If your child is going home from school, you don’t have to worry about where they are or where their schoolbags are. GPS tracking is very common in life. Parents can easily find them in real time using a gps tracker. Let them know that you are using a tracking device to follow their location while respecting your child’s privacy. Of course, if a child is 18 years old, it may be illegal to follow them without their permission. Currently, there are various trackers on the market, most of which are lightweight, simple, easy to hide and cheap, and you can buy a small tracker for dozens of dollars. When keys, wallets or backpacks are lost, you can use the tracker to find them in time and easily.

They divided these three parts into one category to deal with interference caused by signal interference equipment. Give an inappropriate example. The telephone communication and information transmission of carrier pigeons are very different. To spread pigeons, you must first attach an indicator to the pigeon’s legs and then fly over each other until you reach the destination. The recipient can receive the information sent by the pigeon. The grid has errors in any part of the backbone. If it is intercepted in the middle, the signal transmission will be interrupted. Mobile phones are different. When one person picks up the phone, dials and connects, the other party can completely receive the message to be sent. When the sensor, encoder and decoder work together, they will act as a whole and share the next action. During operation, they did not completely prevent the operation of the gps blocker, but the jammer cannot interrupt its communication transmission to avoid major errors. Although the research is very effective, the solution is limited to one type of access, and the researchers said they hope to change this situation as soon as possible.

Interference equipment is sometimes used in certain civil areas. For example, jamming devices are placed in German prisons and juvenile detention facilities to interfere with or suppress the frequency of unauthorized radio communications established nearby, thereby reducing drug trafficking and escape behavior in prisons. In August 2016, the mobile jamming phone was tested in Sankt Polten, Austria, and it was successful. The results show that the test can only prevent connections between prisoners and will not interfere with outdoor mobile communications. According to statistics, about 60 to 70 mobile phones will be checked in prisons throughout Austria every month. The signal jammer also prevents remote bomb control. In 2007, Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto survived because a signal jammer placed on the bus prevented the explosion of a remote-controlled bomb. In the Iraq War, this was because the Iraqis used GPS jammers to interfere with GPS navigation data, so that American cruise missiles, bombers, etc. had no targets. During the sandstorm, the Americans relied on GPS and airborne surveillance radar, and the Iraqis did use GPS jammers, forcing the Americans to shut down this strategically important tool. Jammers are becoming more and more common in life, but they must not be used illegally.