Mobile jammers need to pay attention to some problems

According to the data protection law of the department responsible for culture, cell phone jammer are placed in the room to scan and block frequency bands in specific areas. No personal data is recorded. Regarding fraud in public school exams, it emphasizes the usefulness of using such devices in exam rooms and some issues that need attention. Candidates use mobile phones to pass and send answers, etc. All of this is part of exam fraud. The simple way to avoid the influence of such devices is to put the phone in airplane mode.

Nowadays, wireless technology has become a very important part of our lives. Mobile phones, radios, WiFi, navigators, etc. have been used in wireless technology. One of the most prominent examples of this widely used wireless technology is GPS. Now that GPS is widely used, we went to an unknown place. The first use is GPS navigation, so you can easily find the destination, and the creation of route planning will also use GPS navigation. There is no doubt that GPS navigation is inseparable from our lives. This may be the main reason why GPS signal blockers are considered illegal. They are dangerous because they can disrupt important communications.

The use of signal jammers continues to spread in South Africa because they are easily available and cheaper. As a result, today’s hijackers use a variety of jamming systems and devices, some of which are bulky and heavy, and some are small and portable. Despite this fact, according to ICASA in South Africa, possession and/or use of signal jammer equipment is illegal. Regardless of their size, these systems generally prevent telematics devices from sending their location to tracking service providers. Hein Jordt, CEO of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions: “Hijackers use various jamming systems to prevent tracking devices from communicating via cellular networks or satellites. Once intercepted, they usually hijack the vehicle or cooperate with the driver to bring it to A place where valuable goods can be unloaded.”