Make jammers to block cell phone signals

In some European countries and regions, jammers have been approved by the authorities. In France, such equipment has been legally used in movie theaters and theaters. In Australia, some schools are preparing to purchase a large number of high-quality jammers in order to reduce the use of mobile phones by school students and maintain normal classroom discipline. Do you want such a jammer? In some countries and states, individuals are prohibited from operating cell phone jammers. Some cell phone jammers will not only block private radio communications, but may also affect other people’s emergency calls in an emergency. Of course, many governments and public agencies use this device to prevent the disclosure of confidential government information.

In theory, people can buy mobile phone handheld jammer abroad. These devices are easy to carry and are inexpensive. In places where they don’t want to use mobile phones, they will create jammers to block mobile phone signals, such as schools, churches, movie theaters and theaters. These companies may also use cell phone jammers, and the companies may prevent customers from comparing product prices in stores. Some dangerous components use this type of equipment to interrupt the connection to the mobile network, prevent emergency calls, and also interfere with wireless alarm systems and wireless connections. Before buying such devices online, we need to know in advance the frequency bands and signals that need to be blocked, but not for illegal purposes.

A GPS jammer is a device that blocks the Global Positioning System, which operates to block the signal. Jammers can operate on the same or adjacent frequency bands, thereby preventing the correct reception of normal radio signals and rendering them useless. GPS satellites are about 20,000 kilometers from the earth’s surface, and their launch power is relatively low. Therefore, only a small amount of interference energy is needed on the ground to temporarily block GPS signals. Even small GPS jammers can interfere with signals within a blocking range of about 2-10 meters. GPS interference is an improved GPS location spoofing that can send the wrong GPS signal to the “enemy” by guiding the wrong route.