The working range of the jammer is different from the actual working range

How does cell phone jammer work? The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture commented on this and pointed out the use of such equipment. Using a device that blocks the reception of cell phone signals by sending its own radio waves does not prevent data verification. Operators of cellular networks have the right to use cell phone blockers in the cellular band because they can use their own auction frequencies. So far, you should have understood why the working range of the jammer we mentioned does not match the actual working range. Not difficult to understand. Of course, if you need the exact number of interference sources and are concerned about the range, you can make suggestions to us and we are happy to advise you.

Signal interference has become an increasingly common method for criminals to steal vehicles and goods. Truck hijacking caused the country to suffer losses of R3 billion in 2015. In almost all reported hijacking incidents, the truck’s tracking signal was unavailable because the suspect was using a signal cell phone jammer. The signal congestion in South Africa was caused by the Carte Blanche exhibition during the “State of the Country” speech held in Pretoria in 2015 and the widespread concern of blocking cellular communications. In particular, the latter can help raise public awareness and enable companies such as Ctrack to innovate and fight back.

The jammer was originally used to block the signal, and a strange thing happened in Ireland recently. It used criminals to commit crimes. Irish thieves are becoming smarter and more knowledgeable about technology-this means Irish car owners need to be more cautious than ever. According to a new victim, Gardé said the use of signal jammers to steal cars is becoming more common, and because there is no evidence of forced entry, insurance companies refuse to pay for these thefts. The victim told the sun, “When I stopped the car, it was still dark. I took more than 4,000 euros (photographic) from the suitcase and glove box.