Mobile phone signal jammer prevents mobile phone reception and strictly prevents communication

The noisy mobile phone rang on the seat of the plane, calling someone in the train compartment: How are you my dear? are you still there? My signal is not very good, I will call you a bit. On the steering wheel where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, the streets have become the center of mobile phones. Ironically, the traffic lights on the street are full of noisy mobile phone noise.

In many cases, mobile communication is a very annoying thing. For example, a sudden call during a meeting can be annoying. The annoying use of mobile communications in prisons may lead to illegal activities such as drug trafficking and jailbreaking. The purpose of using a mobile phone signal handheld jammer is to prevent mobile phone reception and strictly prevent communication. Of course, if you can’t talk on the phone like ordinary people, and you can’t communicate with people far away, then life will at least become very difficult and you will live outside of human civilization. Artist Allison Burtch (Allison Burtch) placed a jammer in a disguised suitcase, which would prevent any possible phone calls in the nearby environment. This applies to many offices. meeting.

In Germany, there is an airplane, and even a very annoying mobile phone user. Since it must be strictly prohibited to make mobile phone calls on the airplane, it must be quiet for several hours during the flight. Only on some long-distance flights, wired telephones are set up on the plane, and users can use cards to activate calls, but the price is very expensive

The European Union stated that as long as airlines have advanced technology, Europe can use mobile phones to make calls on airplanes in the future. Think about it, in a seat only a few centimeters away from you, strangers call from time to time: “Hello, my dear, I’m still on the plane. Unfortunately, the flight may be late. The noise here is too loud. After the plane, I will contact you.” How much pain this will cause us.