WiFi jammers cannot completely prohibit signals

Interference is very common in radio technology. Even today, WiFi networks are very common, and WiFi networks transmitting on the same radio channel will affect each other, so the overall network speed is still stagnant. As long as the machine cannot well shield the interference of radio signals, the number of transmitters will always exist and increase.

WiFi jammers are common in private homes. When it works, it can block the WiFi network at home so that children can spend more time studying, communicating with their parents, entertainment, etc., instead of putting most of their energy into online games, it can also prevent others from stealing their own The child’s own internet. This sounds like an interesting and meaningful thing. An enthusiastic customer said: I can decorate a mobile phone signal wifi jammer in the restaurant to make it easier for my family to communicate face-to-face without worrying about being disturbed by outside phone conversations and noise.

It is completely forbidden to ban WiFi jammers. In prisons, WiFi jammers are very useful. They can prevent dangerous elements from communicating with the outside world, thereby avoiding jailbreaking, drug trafficking and other transactions. In some casinos and gambling halls, they have used mobile phones to operate slot machines for a long time. For casino operators, the use of such equipment will be a legitimate interest. A user who has used it said: Make sure to confirm that you want to block the selected signal band. For example, if you want to prevent car tracking, you need to block GPS and cell phone signals. You want to prevent others from using your home WiFi network. You only need to block the WiFi signal; and to block the noise of the radio, etc., you must select the frequency band to be blocked.