Controlling drone jammers should be an effective way to disable drones

This is why Russian drone jammers and the new “special forces” anti-UAVs that operate them do not necessarily pose a survival risk to U.S. drones. Russian GPS signal jammers may have difficulty finding targets. A former U.S. drone developer who asked not to be named said: “Unless you know where and when they are, it seems difficult to do it.” GPS plugs are not limited to interference. More and more reports indicate that the Russians have increased their ability to spoof system signals, thereby placing the dot receiver in the wrong location. In June 2017, we reported on such incidents in the Black Sea by the US Maritime Administration. The ship’s navigation equipment indicated its inland location. Previously in Moscow, players of the popular Pokemon Go mobile game have also reported other location errors that rely on GPS signals from mobile devices for interference.

Interference is not always effective for drone radio signals. The difference between drones and “remote control” aircraft is that they can fly autonomously in predetermined coordinates. The fastest drone can reach a speed of 150 miles (240 kilometers) per hour, which is too fast for a human pilot using another drone. Controlling signal handheld jammer and navigation signals should be an effective way to disable jamming drones-working within a fixed distance range, should not be a target, and should have other non-destructive advantages-this allows the drone to be captured and reused to make The drone is confused.

In fleet management, more and more telematics systems are used, making daily work processes more data-driven, especially GPS tracking. Fleet managers use GPS tracking to monitor the presence of employees on the vehicle, display their location at any time and accurately record all driving routes. At this time, it is best not to damage the GPS, because this may bring great difficulties to vehicle monitoring. In some special occasions, such as prisons, government agencies, and mobile phone jammers, OFCOM’s approval may be required to use them. FMG clearly pointed out that criminals and law enforcement agencies can use signal fault interference detection systems to prevent phone calls, because criminals will use them to organize such as human trafficking, drugs, prison escape plans, etc., using mobile phone interference. In prison. This can completely avoid this situation.