Phone jammer interrupted our complaints

A mobile phone handheld jammer is a device that allows 13759 mobile phones to send signals in the same frequency range and generate their transmission, which is effectively blocked by strong interference. People who use the phone to complain will lose their signal, but don’t know why. The phone shows poor reception. With the widespread use of mobile phones, there has been a resurgence. Although some people practice good phone etiquette, there are still many people discussing their private, professional or social affairs in public places and forcing everyone to listen. People often chat in trains, subways, buses, grocery stores, shopping centers and cafes to make their compatriots even more angry. It allows some people to keep things in their hands. If you use Messenger in your wallet, you can turn off your phone by flipping the switch. As long as the device is turned on, if the distance between the device and the signal source is insufficient, it cannot be reconnected.

At present, due to the low price, small wireless routers are very convenient, and the speed of providing wireless Internet is getting faster and faster. At the same time, employees can connect to wifi through mobile phones and tablets. The wireless phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. Many employees of companies have wireless routers. , And then access the company’s mobile phones, tablets, and wireless Internet access in the local area network (LAN). Usually, employees’ mobile phones and tablets use wireless routers to access the Internet. They also use the company’s network bandwidth to download content, watch videos, shop online, play games, discuss and do other things not related to work. On the one hand, this behavior occupies the company’s LAN IP address, which can easily lead to IP address conflicts; on the other hand, it also occupies the company’s network bandwidth, which can easily lead to a decline in Internet speed and company network performance. At the same time, the network administrator cannot find the real-time LAN wireless router,