Mobile phone jammer portable detection wireless router

Many commercial operators want to use telephone jammers. Restaurant owners and theaters are just two examples where customers often receive mobile phone complaints. It can be tempting to provide expensive metal shielding in buildings to block cell phone signals (which is legal). The hospital also wants to connect phones that may interfere with medical equipment. Churches, libraries, courts, and entrepreneurs who want to increase employee productivity are all potential technology customers. According to reports, major manufacturers mainly sell jamming equipment to military and law enforcement agencies, but they sell the equipment to everyone and state that the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is legal. The buyer assumes full responsibility. Obligation to purchase, own or use equipment. The mobile phone industry opposes the use of these devices. In order to solve the growing problem of mobile phone users, many people have invested money to label their phones.

Integrate the latest mobile phone handheld jammer to detect the wireless router of the wireless router, and block the function of the wireless router, and further improve the detection of the local area network (LAN) in the new version of the wireless router to prohibit the use of the wireless router, which is the only current family Can search for local area network (LAN) dedicated wireless router software; at the same time, it has also strengthened the wireless LAN environment, testing mobile phones and tablets, and finding the local area network function of the local area network, which can effectively achieve the function of wireless routers prohibiting mobile phones and touchpads on wireless routers. , Which greatly prevents devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile Internet devices from accessing wireless LAN access