Mobile jammers will not affect others

Many prisoners continue to organize illegal drug trafficking within the prison walls. Mobile phones are an indispensable method for prisoners to keep drug organizations operating and under strict control. By communicating with visitors, prisoners can arrange the transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia so that they can continue the same illegal habits and detain them. Often, families suffer from harassment by their imprisoned parents and ask for bail when they realize that their parents’ services are better and are still in detention. A major issue is the ability of detainees to contact witnesses before an upcoming hearing, trial or appeal. By matching excuses or correcting conflicts in testimony, the defendant can reduce or dispense with allegations altogether. The most worrying issue claimed by the correctional institution is that prisoners use undiscovered mobile phones to warn other prisoners before raids, which may confiscate mobile phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband. Such contraband can threaten the lives of correctional personnel and medical personnel working in one of the most hostile and dangerous workplaces.

When talking about mobile phones, we also mean a new generation of smart phones that are already equipped with 3G and 4G LTE technologies. People can use them to make VoIP calls using WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, etc. Now that we understand what cell phone jammer are, we need to understand why they are essential. When and where are these devices used? Commuters on trains and buses have become increasingly rude. They think they can do what they want without suffering consequences. Well, turn them off with a GSM jammer. They looked surprised and tried to explain the loss of signal. Maybe this is the price they have to pay when they speak loudly on the bus and annoy others who have to work early in the morning. This is the basic usage of mobile phone jammers and must be used for religious gatherings in places of worship, such as mosques, churches, synagogues, temples, etc. They should also be implemented in theaters, restaurants, workplaces, and most classrooms. Needless to say, every teenager now owns the last smartphone, and these smartphones will interfere with the lessons and disturb other students.