4G alarm jammer device can prevent eavesdropping

But these are not restrictive measures. The cardinal decided that the deporter would wait for anyone who tried to crack the secret, although this was within his abilities. Mary Ann Walsh, Director of Media Relations at the American Conference of Bishops, said: “In the electronic age, there will always be someone in the cardinals using an iPad or tweeter during meetings.” This measure does not actually apply to meetings. It was adopted in 2005, but due to the low penetration rate of smart phones and tablets, only eavesdropping devices, so there is no need to use 3G and 4G jammer devices to be used. One of the reasons for the strict security measures is that there are many young cardinals in the conference hall, many of whom have their own blogs and microblogs. The Vatican is worried that if these blogs leak information, the secret meeting will become a secret meeting. Will last a long time. . The German cardinal appoints him as a pioneer in the German media before officially appointing the new pope.

First of all, if we skip the increasingly complex model, the network administrator has two options to obtain your personal information: When you try to visit the website, the browser will distinguish between IP address, location, operating system and screen The resolution information will be sent to the server. When you fill out and submit the form on the website, the form will be saved on the server. The server needs to know your IP address in order to send the web page to where, and needs information about the operating system, browser, and screen resolution to ensure that the web page can be displayed correctly on the server. ‘instrument. The server will also get information about the page you came from. Any website will record information about you, but it can be stored not only on the server itself, but also on the GPS Jammer device. In this case, cookies will be used.