Remote activation of cell jammer

These cellular jammers are continuously controlled by a central administrator who can allow or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular jammers are connected via CAN (controller area network) in the local area network and managed by the central base station (CBS). The intelligent interference system controls everything from the detection of the alarm, and when and where a single phone establishes a connection that prevents a call. IJS can be operated remotely using the ON/OFF switch. If the interference component of the mobile phone is located in a building or area away from the control unit, activating the remote control can remotely activate the cell phone jammer. The users of the intelligent jamming system include prisons and detention centers that control criminal communications, as well as military bases, defense facilities, border control and border control, and secret organs in other areas.

On the evening of December 19, local time, London Gatwick Airport intercepted two planes, prompting them to take off and landing, and the planes were forced to shut down. Gatwick Airport will be located 43 kilometers south of London and it will be the second largest airport in the UK. At 9:00 pm local time on the 19th, the airport suddenly found two industrial-grade drones, which may interfere with the takeoff and landing of the aircraft, and then the airport closed the runway. The airport reopened at 3 am on the 20th. After 45 minutes, the airport was interfered by drones again, and the authorities subsequently announced the closure of the airport.

In addition, yesterday, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice on the 18th to formally determine the registration system for civil aircraft. On June 1, drones weighing more than 250 grams will establish records, share and understand the operation of the cloud platform. Cross link and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The first players. Three or four years ago, he spent more than 7,000 yuan on large drones. He now has five drones. “After the robbery, I saw several people, and I was flying at the same location.” This is not allowed, and it will be involved. Currently, the Model Broadcast Sports Association provides long-range pilot airplane pilot (CBSA) license training and evaluation. The head of the association said that he has been training on the project since last year. So far, about 1,000 people have received training and certification. But this number is much lower than the number of drones in our province. Since the training is not mandatory, the association can only actively defend it.