GPS jammers are devices that can fool base stations

There are two fairly old and well-known methods to overcome these gps jammer. First, one of the most effective alarm jammers is a device that can deceive the base station. Recently, the US authorities have used it for tracking. In short, these devices claiming to be cell towers make any GSM device think they are connected to the cell tower and all traffic goes through the gadget. Using this gadget will endanger GSM car alarms. Another point to consider when dealing with such alarms is that you will not be able to use GSM blockers, and if someone uses any type of cell phone signal blocker around you, the warning will be useless. No one can lock or unlock it. However, please check the latest research by Don Bailey and Matthew Solnic, which can be considered a good security measure.

The main disadvantage of battery-powered wireless microphones is the limited working time, but they are much easier to install. The working range of these bugs is different, the sound can be heard, the range is 15 to 80 feet. The transmission radius may be very large, ranging from ten meters to several hundred meters. Sometimes, the devil can use the relay network to further broadcast the signal. Wireless microphones can use different frequency ranges, the widest range is 140-200 and 450-480 MHz. The higher the frequency, the greater the transmission range and power consumption. Likewise, higher frequencies are more likely to penetrate walls and other obstacles. Fortunately, special receivers can be used to detect these interference signals. But the advanced version may have special signal modulation, so you will not be able to monitor them. In this case, you can try to use UHF/VHF jammer equipment to prevent its broadcasting.