Mobile jammers are slowly turning to legalization

Almost all students in the school now have mobile phones. To make matters worse, mobile phones have become a “weapon” used by many students against teachers. In the lecture, most students were found to use mobile phones to surf the Internet. Many students listen to music or play video games in class. It is very common for a mobile phone to ring suddenly during a lecture in a classroom, and it is often distracting. Even worse, some students are using mobile phones to help them cheat…. According to reports, a new phenomenon of “cyber bullying” indicates that students are tortured when they are tortured by electronic communication with others through text messages and social networks. Attend class. Some countries/regions allow companies and government organizations to install GSM jammers in areas where the use of mobile phones is considered public harassment. In December 2004, France legalized mobile cell phone jammer in cinemas, concert halls and other places through performances. France is completing a technology to transfer emergency calls to emergency calls. India has installed jammers in parliaments and some prisons. According to reports, Italian universities have adopted techniques to prevent fraud. Students use camera phones to take photos of the test and send them to classmates.

When the cell phone jammer is in active mode and makes the cell phone talk to it instead of the real cell phone tower, it will prevent these phones from sending real calls or text messages. You might think that your calls and text messages are not answered, and the only hint is that your phone shows that it is using 2G instead of 4G or LTE. When a cell phone jammer is in passive mode, it can receive and analyze cell phone signals, or it can be used to block these phones. Leave the street and enter a local business or someone’s home to avoid making a phone call, avoid cell phone interference, and may not be able to work. Most of these devices can pass through the walls in their surveillance area. When you protest in New York City under the high vigilance of the New York City Police Department and the FBI, you can be sure that they will use the most advanced versions of these devices-including possibly listening to Triggerfish online conversations. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, not only law enforcement agencies in New York, but also law enforcement agencies in other states are using cell phone interference technology.