Mobile phone signal jammer is called “protection system

Since the classroom is usually not very large, it is recommended to carry and carry a portable mobile cell phone jammer that is very convenient. All you have to do is press the button to turn it on. Of course, you don’t need to worry about emergency situations where someone might need to make a call. You can walk out of the classroom and make calls without disturbing others. Or, you can turn off the jammer as needed. Mr. MacNeil has taken measures to prevent its past use, including the purchase of signal interference equipment, which will interrupt service. He said the device is considered illegal, but no one in the United States has been charged for possessing such a device. Mr. MacNeil added that when he bought Jammer, he was discussing the issue with teachers in nearby classrooms who were fully supported. Since this jammer is outdated, it is less effective. It can only block 3G signals at best, and students with smartphones can still use WiFi. My friend has a professor who only asks students to stand up and read the text aloud, and then explain the conversations related to it. His usual words are: “Since your text message is much more important than the course I am going to teach, please share with us so that we can all benefit from your information.” After reading the first embarrassing text, The cell usage rate dropped sharply. It is not appropriate to use a short-range cell jamming machine during the examination. I think that professors have an obligation to do everything they can to prevent cheating in examinations.

The current mobile phone jammer products on the market are called: phone signal jammer, mobile phone jammer, jammer, mobile phone protection device, in fact, these are the same product, have the same function, namely: a single electronic device, any electronic device basically All of them can work on multiple communication frequency bands including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. The shielding system in smart phones, smart phone protection systems, alarm systems, mobile phones, in fact, these are basically headings and marketing: some so-called OEMs or original equipment manufacturers’ advertising practices are as follows, frequency Changing product types or products intentionally cover the original product representatives, so that users have new ideas or products with many improved feelings, such as the so-called “smart phone protection system.” “Obviously, a mobile phone signal jammer, also known as a “protection system”, is selling a malicious advertising product.