Is the shielding effect of portable mobile phone jammers really good?

Since the classroom is usually not very large, it is recommended to carry and operate a portable mobile phone jammer that is very convenient. All you have to do is press the button to turn it on. Of course, you don’t need to worry about emergency situations where someone might need to make a call. You can walk out of the classroom and make calls without disturbing others. Or, you can turn off the jammer as needed. Mr. MacNeil has taken measures to prevent its use in the past, including the purchase of signal interference equipment, which will interrupt service. He said the device is considered illegal, but no one in the United States has been charged for possession of it. Mr. MacNeil added that when he bought cell phone jammer, he was discussing the issue with teachers in nearby classrooms who were fully supported. Since this jammer is outdated, it is less effective. It can only block 3G signals at best, and students with smartphones can still use WiFi.

Annoying prevention equipment fixed outside the service area has attracted attention. Install special circuit breakers in places where radio waves are restricted. We are planning a high-performance decommissioning device. It is a reasonable decision to leave the service area at the discretion of the theater or station. Suppress the communication function of the mobile phone within a certain range. The effect is usually good. In some cases, measures will be taken to block jams to prevent the use of mobile phones. Also use legal telephone deterrence. Such equipment may work where the service is out of service.

There are some precautions when using this equipment. This is a note for some jammers. Due to the performance differences of various mobile jammers, it may take some time for PHS phones to stop using them. In certain areas, the nearest base station may have difficulty cutting off the cell phone signal. According to the brand and model of each mobile phone, performance will vary. The effect may vary. It may not immediately appear as “out of service.” There are some precautions for use. Do not disturb other people’s mobile phones. Please avoid disassembling or modifying the product for illegal export, as this is a crime in violation of the Radio Law. The effective range may be narrowed depending on the specification environment. In addition, depending on the mobile phone manufacturer, some things are easy to respond, and some are difficult to respond. In fact, some countries have banned the use of portable jammers. The location of these products is valid. Bad things can happen.