What are the advantages of high-power mobile phone signal shield

In order to meet the needs of more customers, we recently launched a powerful 12-band jammer. As we all know, the current frequency band of jammers is usually less than eight, which cannot meet the needs of more people. Therefore, now we have developed “Adjustable Power CDMA DCS GSM GPS 3G 4GLTE WIFI VHF UHF Lojack 433mhz 315mhz 12-Jammer”. This signal jammer is our latest product in 2018 and has many advantages, which can provide the best protection for your privacy and quiet environment.

What are the advantages of the latest 12-band jammer?
This high-power signal jammer has 12 new antenna designs. This latest 12-type high-power antenna signal jammer cuts off all signals of CDMA DCS GSM GPS and mobile phones 4GLTE 3G WIFI VHF UHF Lojack 433mhz 315mhz. The device has an excellent radial interference range, up to 70 meters, with a minimum range of 50 meters. Therefore, the most powerful feature is the use of adjustable buttons on this LoJack 3G 4G VHF UHF WiFi GPS mobile cell phone jammer so that the interference frequency band can be easily adjusted. In addition, the high-quality cooling system design makes this LoJack 3G 4G WiFi GPS VHF UHF adjustable mobile jammer easy to work 24 hours a day.

How do I buy this powerful 12-band jammer?

For more detailed information, please visit our website www.perfectjammer.com. In addition to having 12 antennas, we can also use the latest 12 antenna high-power signal jammers to provide you with the required frequency band. Contact us and let us know your detailed requirements, we will serve you specially. Create your own jammer.
Where can I use this powerful high-power jammer?
Using this high-quality signal interference device, you can enjoy a quiet time while ensuring that your privacy is not compromised. The jammer can be used in meeting rooms, conference halls, museums, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses, etc. In a personal vacation or confidential work environment, all Power Jamers will ensure your safety to the maximum.