High-power handheld signal jammers can interfere with mobile phones more effectively

Nowadays, people cannot do without mobile phones. They all carry them with them. Even when they go to work, they can’t help but play with their mobile phones secretly and cannot control themselves. At this time, the office needs a powerful cell phone jammer. Let yourself work at ease, don’t disturb others, and like to work with colleagues.

If you want to choose a jammer for office use, then this handheld jammer may interfere with the frequency band. Can be worn on the upper arm. Use the built-in battery to charge through a DC charger. This still makes it effective. It has a good range. It can cover an area with a radius of 15 meters, depending on the strength of a particular network signal in a given area. You can also use this device in a car.
This kind of 6-band high-power handheld signal jammer can more effectively interfere with the law enforcement process of mobile phones to reduce the chance of criminal information leakage.

This mobile phone jammer has:
●High-power multi-frequency portable jammer
●The antenna can be hidden and not easy to find
●LCD display, you can always pay attention to the work of the power jammer
●Configure to block six different frequency bands continuously or simultaneously
●Battery capacity up to 3000mAh
Power ●Use the built-in battery to charge through the charger
●Can be used directly with the vehicle’s on-board charger
●Each frequency band has a separate switch with a working LED indicator
●Easy to replace the battery.