Mobile jammer has a good heat dissipation system

As we all know, mobile phones are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of our lives. It can bring us convenience and negative consequences. In order to avoid such adverse effects, various types of mobile phone signal jammers appear on the market. It can meet different requirements, prevent mobile phones from affecting our lives, and is the best choice to protect our effective use of mobile phones. Because it can cut off the 3G 4G signal of the mobile phone without your knowledge, many powerful mobile jammers can set one or more signals separately, so it will not affect the use and movement of other mobile phone signals, which is very convenient.

Sometimes in different situations, people may need to cut off signals in different frequency bands. At present, jammers with adjustable functions will be a good choice. Because it allows you to select the desired interference frequency band, other frequency bands will not be affected and can continue to be used.

If you need a high-power 3G signal mobile cell phone jammer, it can meet your needs, it uses a 4-antenna design, so you can easily cut off the GSM/3G signal at the same time. Therefore, the design has high power, and the interference range of the adjustable GSM 3G signal jammer can reach 40 meters.

More importantly, this 3G mobile phone signal jammer is also designed with a good cooling fan system, and this 3G mobile phone signal jammer can always maintain a good working condition without causing high temperatures that are harmful to the jammer. signal. One aspect that people will also consider is the application area of ​​3G jammers. High-power signals. If you don’t have to worry about such high-power 3G phone jammers, you can easily use it in churches, theaters, concert halls, auditoriums and other places. Of course, books Museums, banks, and museums are not allowed, but some people can’t help but use their mobile phones to chat with other places where mobile phones cannot be used. Can also be used.