What should I pay attention to before buying a mobile phone jammer?

With the popularity of technology and mobile phones, mobile cell phone jammer have become very important. What benefits can mobile jammers bring to our lives?

Where can I use a mobile phone signal jammer?
1. Placed in an inflammable and explosive place, such as an industrial studio, to prevent explosions caused by industrial espionage;
2. Used for law enforcement to prevent terrorist organizations from using mobile phones to conduct threatening acts;
3. Use in quiet places such as movie theaters, churches and hospitals to prevent noise pollution;
4. Used in gas stations, one can prevent explosion, and the other does not affect the use of the meter;
5. Use it at the test site to prevent students from cheating on mobile phones.

How does a mobile jammer work?
The mobile phone signal is transmitted through a cell tower, and the scrambler operates the mobile phone by transmitting a strong signal at the same frequency in a communication unit used to effectively interfere with the communication between the device and the cell phone tower. The result is that the mobile unit displaying “no network” cannot work properly.

What should I pay attention to before buying a mobile phone jammer?
1. What is the effective interference range of the jammer?
2. What cell phone signals can I block? GSM? wireless? 3G? 4G? Global Positioning System? TDMA?
3. How many cell phone signals can they block at the same time? Is it versatile? The telephone signal can be shielded separately. Will other signals affect it?
4. Do you need a portable jammer or a desktop jammer?
5. Where is it used? Indoor or outdoor?