GPS jammers are mainly used to avoid GPS positioning and anti-gps tracking

We often see the use of GPS trackers in movies, mainly for police tracking criminals. In some cases, criminals will secretly install to track targets. In real life, there are many examples of the use of tracking equipment. For example, in order to understand the dynamics of the car, a taxi company will install a GPS tracker on the car and install this tracker on a long-distance truck. Some drivers use miniature GPS jammers to block tracking signals to avoid such tracking.

The so-called car GPS jammer is mainly used for car GPS jamming positioning system. With the development of science and technology, the car GPS jammers on the market are designed for car cigarette lighters, and can work while charging. It is a device used by many long-distance bus drivers. gps jammer are mainly used to avoid GPS positioning and anti-gps tracking.

This is a car GPS jammer for cigarette lighter, it can interfere with GPS L1 signal, it has the characteristics of portability, easy to hide, car charging, no extra charging design, cheap price, radius between 2-15 meters, depending on In the environment. This is a cheap GPS jamming device chosen by many drivers. You can also have one.

GPS blocker is specifically used to disable GPS interception signals. Jammers can be used to block various GPS tracking devices and block satellite tracking communications. It should be noted that GPS jammers will not interfere with cell phone signals. This type of retarder is small and light, making it very portable. In addition, you can use an external battery as a power source or car power source.