Mobile phone signal jammer protects the safety of mobile phone signal and wifi signal

WiFi networks are often very slow. The competition between WiFi devices and the dynamic communication media of radio waves is a sensitive technology, and many settings and situations may slow down. Setting up a wifi network with an older security protocol will greatly reduce the performance of the wifi device. This has nothing to do with the maximum support standard of the access point and its commitment. For example, 802.11ac can support data rates in excess of 1000 Mbps. However, if WEP or WPA security is configured, the data rate will be limited to 54 Mbps. This limitation is due to the use of the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) encryption method. Therefore, to ensure that the old WiFi security method does not slow down the network speed, only the advanced encryption standard is used to enable WPA2 security. Do not choose WPA/WPA2 mixed mode or wpa2-tkip.

Network security covers a wide range, including mobile phone network security and wifi network security. For network security, it mainly involves signal security. To solve this kind of network security is to protect signal security and to use signal wifi jammer to intercept corresponding signals. With the increasingly serious network security problem, we should not only take corresponding measures to deal with this situation, but also raise our awareness and use multifunctional mobile phone signal jammers to protect the security of mobile phone signals and wifi signals from attacking criminals. Radio interference refers to the occurrence of radio communication. Some electromagnetic energy enters the receiving system or channel through direct or indirect coupling, resulting in the degradation of received signal quality and the error or loss of useful information, and even hindering communication.