Cell phone jammers prevent vehicles from being stolen

In San Rafael, three criminals were detained for the purpose of stealing the victim’s vehicle with an alarm resistance and taking advantage of their distraction when getting off the vehicle. Two men and a woman in their thirties were driving a Ford Focus when they were detained on the corner of Balloffet and Coronel Surz.

In the lens, the soldier found some kind of work that was later discovered. cell phone jammer are used to prevent victims from locking the vehicle and stealing their belongings. After being arrested, investigators searched a cabin in Las Paredes, where the suspect was detained. They confiscated several mobile phones and a charger with the Inhibitor brand on the spot. They were found in the car early in the morning.

Investigators believe that the suspect may be the perpetrator of the robbery in the Sereles el DiMante commercial building, and the criminals may have used a cell phone jammer to prevent the victim from escaping from his vehicle. According to the slogan InfoYa San Rafael, they lived in Police Station No. 8 and one of the suspects was a former Mendoza police officer who was released in 2017.