Cell phone signal jammer prevents cell phone signal transmission

Let’s take 5G as an example for mobile phone jammers. In most cases, mobile phone signal jammers do not require satellites to transmit mobile phone signals. Most mobile communication base stations use optical fiber to access the core network. In fact, whether it is 5G, 4G, 3G or 2G, base stations are all wireless access networks. The entire mobile communication system is composed of an access network, a bearer network and a core network. Of course, 5G also adds a part of edge computing. Mobile cell phone jammer have nothing to do with satellite communications. Do the signals of our daily mobile phones need to be transmitted through satellites? why?

We need to make sure that the place where we install the outdoor antenna can receive the operator’s signal to ensure a stable call. After installation, you need to adjust and adjust the outdoor receiving antenna. Generally, after installation, if the effect is not ideal, you can adjust the direction of the antenna or place the antenna on the roof. It takes a certain amount of time to adjust the outdoor antenna and indoor reception, especially indoor reception. Because the mobile phone is different, it receives network updates at a different frequency. We can manually turn off and turn on the flight mode, let it find the network again, and then use the special test software to test the signal strength to test whether the call is stable and clear. If there is no problem, we can repair the outdoor antenna.