Will mobile jammers be affected by the weather?

Of course, the mobile phone signal jammer is not that the mobile phone does not use satellite communication signals at all. There may be special circumstances. After the breakthrough development of satellite launch technology and computer control technology in the 20th century, satellite communication has become an upstart among emergency communication vehicles. It can transmit high-quality sound and image information, with large communication coverage, simple equipment, light weight, and convenience. Installed on an emergency communication vehicle, it is not affected by the weather and has a large amount of information transmission. It is the most important communication method in contemporary emergency communication vehicles. cell phone jammer, so if you occasionally use emergency communication vehicles for communication transmission, you may use satellites to transmit signals.

Mobile phone signal jammers are generally called jammers, mobile phone signal jammers, signal jammers, mobile phone signal jammers, mobile phone signal jammers, mobile phone isolators, mobile phone blockers, etc. Today, Saiyue Communication will tell you the applicable range of mobile phone interference Device. The cellular phone interference uses techniques such as frequency doubling, frequency division, and frequency hopping filtering for the upstream and downstream channels of the mobile phone system to analyze the required shielding frequencies. Then, a spherical shielding space is customized according to the power of the shielding device, and a shielding magnetic field is automatically formed within a specified range to invalidate the mobile phone signal of the mobile phone in the spherical shielding space. When the mobile phone jammer is in the working state, the signal receiving and sending function of the mobile phone can be disabled within the specified range, and the dial-out and dial-in cannot be made, thereby achieving the purpose of mandatory prohibition.