The difference between GPS jammer and WiFi jammer

In modern times, Chinese people like to attend classes, especially at weddings and celebrations. Face to face when frowning, and even want to use the scenery to decorate his dilapidated door. At present, there are more and more jammers for selling cars on the Internet, but as a sales channel for gps jammer, there are rules to follow in the future development direction of legally operating or fewer car jammers. At least as far as the current development of private cars is concerned, in the future we will get a lot of income from car jammers. This cannot be moved by human subjective will. It is worth mentioning that the car jammer is like a long iron wire. In the process of car maintenance, those knots that are difficult to handle are found and solved with one sword. This may be the magic of GPS jammers.

Let’s talk about wifi jammers. There are desktop wifi jammers and portable wifi jammers. I believe you guys, you have seen different sizes of jammers. Some are portable and easy to carry, while others are desktop computers, which are larger and not as easy to carry as portable jammers. This is obvious.
But in addition, desktop jammers don’t have car chargers and can only work if they are connected to a power adapter, while portable wifi jammers have all car chargers with built-in batteries, except for small GPS, which can interfere with work like a mobile phone when connected to an electric lighter. on. Another difference you should be aware of is that fixed jammers have higher heat dissipation than portable jammers because they are larger and have some built-in fans.