Cell phone jammer blocks signal transmission

As an important place for criminals, the safety of prisons is very important. These places are often equipped with many dogs. They can help managers search for prison safety and contraband, ensure the safety of prisoners, and manage public safety. prison. Using traditional police dogs to help prison officials find their phones sounds fun, but it’s also very effective. For the behavior of prisoners holding mobile phones in contact with the outside world, professional mobile cell phone jammer can also be used. They have been popularized in many prisons. UAV jammers prevent the transfer of mobile phones. Drugs enter the prison. As we said before, cell phone jammers are already in use in Berlin prisons. Using jammers in prisons is one of the ways to prevent prisoners from using mobile phones.

High-power jammers are used in many places, so what kind of electronic equipment can jammers shield? It depends on the radio waves of the signal frequency you use in your electronic device. Some people may want to buy a mobile phone jammer, but are not sure whether the jammer can meet their requirements or interfere with the device they want to block. What equipment can jammers interfere with? We are talking about that here. A cell phone jammer is an electronic device designed to block different frequency bands according to its specifications. These specifications may include many different frequencies at which jammers will be successfully blocked. Therefore, to determine whether the jammer can interfere with the equipment you want, the key is to see whether the work of the equipment requires signal transmission.