Mobile phone jammers have many effects on military activities

Signal jammers are widely used in military activities, including GPS jammers, mobile phone jammers and drone jammers, and are the most commonly used jamming devices. What are the characteristics of military jammers? It’s just my personal opinion. I think I should be portable, and it should be easy to conceal, have a wide interference spectrum, and have a large radius. This makes it more convenient for military use. Below we introduce a camouflage six-band cell phone jammer military jammer which is of great significance in military strategy and has many effects on military activities to a certain extent.

In order to solve this problem, Rajya Sabha, the influential subcommittee of the parliament, stated that “they need to be educated about where and how to use these devices without disturbing others.” He also supports the enactment of strict new laws to make Its a call for success. These comments are in response to requests made by citizen member Gurjit Singh, including that it is illegal to carry cell phones in funerals and temples, and the installation of cell phone jammers in school buildings to prevent students from making calls. Singh also hopes that the telephone company will deploy the device to disable phones on the road to avoid traffic accidents, and urged civil servants to make calls during office hours to be imprisoned. These measures may be extreme, but at the time they received strong support from India’s best-selling English-language newspaper, The Times. Today, in India, gsm jammers are allowed in some places, such as prisons, temples, etc.