Cell phone jammers are repeatedly used in criminal offenses

Can cell phone jammers be used, for example, to prevent students from trying to cheat during exams or to prevent buyers from comparing prices with smartphones? We can only warn about this. For example, mobile cell phone jammer will send out signals to prevent mobile phones from receiving radio signals, and they can be purchased via the Internet. They are also called cell phone blockers or jammer jammers. An ordinary mobile phone jammer will send its own signal to enhance the reception of smart phones and mobile phones. Mobile phone opponents can use mobile phone jammers to send out radio waves to interfere with or block the reception of required GSM radio signals. Some models can use not only mobile phone networks, but also data networks (WLAN) and automatic cell phone jammers. People who hate mobile phones should not rub their hands prematurely. After all, there are paragraphs in German regulations that prohibit the use of mobile phone jammers.

Once the drone tracker equipped with various sensors and intelligent pattern recognition software recognizes the drone, it will activate the mobile jammer through the interface. It emits electromagnetic waves, which superimpose radio waves between the remote control and the drone. For drones that use autopilot to fly, GPS signals required for navigation may also be interfered. In both cases, the drone should lose its direction. Usually, they then complete the safety procedures set by the manufacturer, then fly back to the starting point and land or stay in the air. The Federal Network Agency announced that sellers are aware of the monitoring of relevant markets on the Internet. The evidence found during the raid can prove that the defendant sold approximately 60 jammers. Buy drone jammers even from our own products. Therefore, several devices can also be protected. “The experience of the Federal Network Agency and the police has shown that cell phone jammers are repeatedly used in criminal crimes. With the help of jammers, criminal gangs hack into anti-theft systems to steal shops and shoplifts,” said Jochen Homann, president of the Federal Internet Agency. “In the past year, more and more car locks have been manipulated by mobile phone jammers to steal items from vehicles.”