Mobile jammers appear in many public events

The main purpose of a mobile phone signal jammer is to block a specific area of ​​a mobile phone signal. Therefore, when looking for mobile cell phone jammer, you should consider which mobile phone signals you want to block. Due to the adjustment of most 3G and 4G cell phone signals, interference should be able to block 3G and 4G cell phone signals. The equipment can meet this requirement. In addition, it is an optional mode, you can choose to block various cell phone signals that you may like under different circumstances. All you have to do is press the button, because the device is very easy to understand and use. There are various pilot projects using these cell phone jammers in Austrian and German prisons. The German Federal Council has decided that it is no longer necessary to allocate frequencies for the use of mobile phone jammers, “provided that the authorities use them to exercise legal powers and comply with the frequency use conditions set by the Federal Radio Surveillance Authority. Status.”

The authorities only allow the authorities to use mobile phone signal jammers. In recent years, various federal states have begun to install transmitters in their prisons-for example, North Rhine-Westphalia. However, in terms of freedom, only France allows the use of cell phone jammers: cell phone jammers there can be used in cinemas, theaters and public events. Our core competence is early and reliable detection of civilian drones,” said Jörg Lamprecht, CEO of Dedrone. “But our 433 MHz (315 and 868 MHz) jammers, especially government customers, have repeatedly asked them to take the initiative The technology to identify drones can resist. By integrating GPS jammers into our platform, we can now provide you with an automated and effective overall solution. “