Mobile phone jammers will not cause harm to the human body

The reporter interviewed the principal of Sanshui Middle School, Hu. He said that there is indeed a mobile cell phone jammer installed in the third dormitory building. It is currently in the trial period and the shielding area is the second floor of the dormitory building A and B. After the commissioning is completed, it will be installed in all dormitory buildings.

Regarding the school’s move, Principal Hu said: “Because many students use their mobile phones to send messages, make calls, and even play games at night, it has affected their normal rest. Repeated reminders of this problem have no effect, so we want to block the signal.” But he said, “The signal is only blocked after the evening self-study class and the next morning, when the students are off.”

Principal Hu said that a parent committee meeting had been held a few days ago, with the parents’ consent, and it had been reported to the District Education Bureau, but Principal Hu also said frankly, “The students have not been formally notified yet.”

As for how students contact the outside world at night, President Hu said that IC telephones will be added at the top of each floor of the stairs. As for the occupation of emergency light sockets mentioned by the students, President Hu said that after confirming the installation, circuits and timing switches will be installed. As for the radiation problem most worried about by students, Principal Hu responded: “Mobile jammers are a kind of microwave system that will not cause harm to the human body.”

In response, the relevant person in charge of the Sanshui Education Bureau responded, “The installation of mobile phone signal jammers is to restrict students from using mobile phones during breaks. The school has its own management methods and does not need to be approved by the department.”