The school began to test the use of mobile phone jammers

Recently, a Weibo about the installation of mobile cell phone jammer in Sanshui Middle School’s dormitory was posted on the Internet. Afterwards, the reporter asked Sanshui Middle School for verification. Block the dormitory signal during the night break.

A few days ago, a Weibo posted in Sanshui, “Sanshui Middle School’s dormitory is engaged in mobile phone signal shielding, and it is rumored to be debugging. Anyway, I can’t receive it in the dormitory. What are the consequences of using the card-type fixed phone to save lives?” This Weibo received 146 reposts in just two days. The reporter noticed that most of the reposts of the Weibo were students from Sanshui Middle School.

Someone also conducted a comprehensive analysis of the mobile phone signal jammer. Zbsay said, “The fifth-generation mobile phone jammer has five antennas: 3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, with a radius of 25m and a temperature condition of -10 to 55 degrees Celsius. The product itself heats up to 50 degrees Celsius. When installed in this location, it is very likely to fail in summer. We can also get a 600MHz anti-mobile phone jammer in the classroom and turn the frequency back in the dormitory.”