WiFi jammers are required equipment in the exam room

The wireless signal jammer in the examination room has become a necessary special tool for the examination room, which guarantees a fair and reasonable service for the examination room. However, if we do not use the equipment properly, the actual effect will be poor, and there will be a safety accident in the examination room. Next, the exposed electronics will share the proper operation method of the wifi jammer in the exam room.

1. The wireless signal jammer in the examination room is used in different application sites, and the scope of reasonable shielding will vary. This is closely related to the field strength of the data signal magnetic field. On mobile phones of different styles, the shielding category on the same spot is not necessarily the same.

2. The factors that affect the shielding category include but are not limited to: the distance relative to the communication base station, the orientation of the house, whether there are obstacles, the wall material of the construction site, the installation aspect ratio of the WiFi jammer, the installation standard, etc.;

3. There is a frequency band mark on each wireless antenna, which must be in one-to-one correspondence with the frequency band mark on the server. Before the WiFi signal jammer is activated, make sure that each wireless antenna is connected reliably. Never allow the application to be launched without the wireless antenna;

4. After the wireless signal jammer works for a long time, the surface temperature is about 40-50, which is normal. If the external temperature is too high, please turn off the power and try to contact your local agent or regional agent;

5. The normal installation height-to-width ratio is 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. As far as possible, choose to install in the part where there are no obstacles in the middle of the area that is shielded from the overall target. When installing on the wall, it is stipulated that the wireless antenna is vertically upward. When placed on the desktop, the wireless antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then vertically upward. There is no need for AC circuit lines or other audio and video routes within 0.2 meters of the wireless antenna. ;

6. In the whole process of application, in order to better prevent the possible impact on some electronic products, it should be kept 1 to 2 meters above the following general equipment as much as possible: speakers, wireless microphones, recorders, computers, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, etc.