Power directly affects the shielding range of mobile phone jammers

For most antennas, installation requires fixing the antenna to a pole about 4m long. Antenna elevation, the angle between the antenna and the pole, can be adjusted between 0° and 5°. Adjustments can be made during installation to improve the state of the ground signal to a certain extent. Some people think that the coverage of the wireless signal can be changed by adjusting the pitch angle, thereby eliminating the interference of the same frequency. is this real? In fact, signal coverage is affected by two factors. One is the farthest distance that the direct wave from the antenna can reach, and the other is that the signal strength reaching the location is strong enough to be captured by the instrument. Mobile communication is near-earth line-of-sight communication. The farthest distance that the direct wave emitted by the antenna can reach is related to the height of the direct transmitting and receiving antenna.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the meeting content, purify the meeting order, and maintain the normal and orderly development of the meeting room process. Recently, a customer inquired about cell phone jammer devices in a conference room. The conference room is 14 meters long and 25 meters wide. Several conference room cell phone jammer shielding devices are needed, and how should the conference room cell phone jammer devices be arranged. First, judge the environment of the conference room and the distribution of surrounding base stations, and inform that there are no base stations around and that there is no indoor signal distribution system installed in the building. In this way, the mobile phone signal strength in the conference room belongs to the normal environment, and the conference room mobile phone signal jammer can be equipped according to the normal situation. The meeting room area is 14✖25=350 square meters. According to a mobile phone signal jammer in a conference room, it can cover about 100 square meters. , the area of ​​350 square meters needs 3-4 conference room cell phone signal jammers to estimate, in order to achieve full coverage of the conference room, it is recommended to equip 4 conference room cell phone signal jammers.