Cell Phone Jammers Can Protect Our Interests

Among the people who use cell phone jammer, some are to prevent cheating in exams, and some are for the quietness of meetings or the confidentiality of meeting information. These are for good wishes and purposes. But there are also for their own personal gain. For example, the owner of a public phone may use a cell phone jammer to interfere with a mobile communication base station near his business location, allowing people to work near the pay phone he operates, and the mobile phone is not working properly, so it is used instead. Public telephones increase their economic income. In addition, mobile communication operators may also use cell phone signal equipment to harm each other’s interests, thereby gaining an advantage in some local competition in the same industry. In addition, the cell phone signal jammer is also easy to add software to become a veritable eavesdropper.

Listed above are the purposes for which people use cell phone jammers, but whatever the purpose, it should not be traded at the expense of public mobile communications. In fact, according to research, it is possible to install cell phone signal jammers without affecting the normal use of public mobile communications. It can be seen that there are two mobile phone signal jammers in the conference room, which are distributed in the opposite corner. This is because the position of the podium is not suitable for placing the conference room cell phone signal jammer, so the conference room cell phone signal jammer is placed in the corner, and the other one is placed in the corner. in the opposite corner. The other two are supplementary blind spots, deliberately placed on vertical lines in the center of the diagonal. This can effectively supplement the blind spots of the mobile phone signal jammer devices in the two diagonal conference rooms.