Cell phone signal jammer has a very stable shielding effect

The size of the portable cell phone jammer is relatively small, the corresponding weight is also much lighter, and it is more convenient to use in mobile mode. The reduced size also makes it easier for users to place the cell phone signal jammer in a more discreet place when in use, making it easier for others to spot it and perform its function better. And we also have a lot of very special jammer shapes, which look like U disks or cigarette boxes. These shapes can be better hidden in some occasions and not be discovered, which is a very good choice. Desktop cell phone jammers are usually large in size because they are connected to a fixed stable power supply, which can provide a very stable shielding effect.

At that moment, everyone was scared. If these cell phone jammer devices can be purchased for free online and used by people with ulterior motives or parody, you will be afraid of not being able to make calls in an emergency! Furthermore, if it were these devices, they would be secretly used by commercial competitors and elsewhere, which would result in huge losses for individuals and companies. Cell phone jammers must be at least 2.5 watts. If there are several on the first floor, and the signals are continuously transmitted, the radio wave transmission power far exceeds the environmental protection regulations, and the resulting radiation will affect people, which does not meet the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health. Cell Phone Jammers Antennas are specifically designed to support the host for performance reasons. B. Faults such as cell phone jammers are the responsibility of the factory. For best results, try not to use each other.