Cell phone jammer is very quiet and no noise

The power of portable cell phone jammer is relatively small, and the coverage area is relatively small. Desktop mobile phone signal jammers have higher power, larger coverage, and a wider range of signal frequency bands that can be shielded. But you should also look at the specific settings when buying, because some pocket jammers are very powerful, and their functions are also very powerful, much more powerful than some entry-level desktop phone jammers. In general, I think everyone has a good understanding of the difference between pocket jammers and desktop jammers, especially their respective advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the right style according to your specific needs. If you need to block frequently moving targets such as cell phones, private cars, etc., you should choose a portable cell phone signal jammer. If you need to block the signal in a fixed situation, it is better to choose a desktop mobile phone jammer because it provides continuous and stable shielding.

In fact, it only becomes popular when there is demand. This is because the problem of cheating has become more and more common in recent years, and the frequent occurrence of various cheating methods is creepy. In order to effectively solve this problem, it is found that the shielding device that causes this kind of cheating is specially used in the examination room. Its appearance is very helpful for many examinations, and more and more people choose to pass electronic signals. This test mobile phone jammer can effectively shield the communication signal of 5G mobile phone and 2.4G 5.8G WIFI signal, so that people who use mobile phones or certain electronic products cannot send and receive signals within this shielding range. No matter what the product is, only this guarantee can guarantee fairness to candidates who are struggling during the exam, and this exam phone jammer is very quiet and noise-free when in use. This shielding method will not cause any harm to the human body at all, and candidates can take the test with peace of mind. To choose a professional exam jammer, you need to choose the right professional manufacturer.