Mobile phone jammers need to be selected in combination with the environment

The users of cell phone jammer do not take into account the communication needs of outsiders at all, and the target is wrong. Cell phone communication should be restricted to a small group of people, such as test-takers, but expanded to include other ordinary people in the surrounding area. Secondly, the use method is improper, because the mobile phone signal jammer is not installed properly or the transmission power is set too large, it should be controlled within a small range, but the control is not good. The purchased mobile phone signal jammer does not meet the standards recognized by radio equipment, the power exceeds the standard, or it is a low-quality substandard product. To find the reason, in order to overcome its influence on the mobile communication signal, it is actually very simple: one is to use standard products produced by regular manufacturers, the other is to choose the installation location and direction of action, and the third is to set the appropriate transmit power. , it is sufficient to confine the transmitted signal to a small enclosed area. As long as the above three points are achieved, the impact on the nearby mobile communication base stations can be minimized.

Recently, a customer asked how to choose a cell phone jammer for a performance hall with an area of ​​about 2000 square meters. If you’ve been to an auditorium or theater, you probably know the layout of an auditorium, which is roughly as follows. In order to better allow the audience to watch the program, it can be seen that the audience hall adopts a stepped layout. The picture shows two floors, and some even three floors. Then there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to installing cell phone jammers in this layout. Therefore, it is also difficult to choose what kind of cell phone jammer. Let’s discuss which type of cell phone jammer to choose. The interference of mobile phone signals in theaters or performance halls generally mainly interferes with mobile phone signals in auditoriums. Conventional theaters or performance halls have an area of ​​several hundred to several thousand square meters, and performance halls of this area are also relatively common. For an auditorium of this size, usually choose several low-power cell phone jammers, or a medium-power cell phone jammer, which can basically jam the entire auditorium. When using a low-power mobile phone jammer, you need to pay attention to the installation so as not to damage the original decoration. You can also place it on the maintenance port on the wall, or use a tripod to place the phone jammer on a tripod.