Will high-power mobile phone jammers bring security risks?

With the rapid development of this operating industry, mobile phone GPS is becoming more and more accurate, and dual-frequency GPS is also commonly used in mobile phones. To be on the safe side, cell phone jammer can be used to stop certain people from getting their location.

People who don’t understand the industry are likely to be fooled. Jammers in the test room must use at least eight antennas to block 4G data signals. At present, there are two types of eight-wire signal jammers, one is an external antenna, and the other is an internal antenna. The two types are well differentiated. Antennas are similar to routers, but have more antennas than routers. The built-in is as big as a set-top box. Can be plugged in directly. Most eight-wire signal shields can shield various types of data signals. Some of them can even block 5G data signals. The 4G era will always come to an end, but everyone has always been at the forefront of technology. In order to help more customers solve their problems, we built a space for shielding 5G data signals in the new mobile phone signal jammer in advance. In this way, even if the 4G period ends, there is no need to dismantle and replace hardware facilities.

With the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for mobile phone signal jammer devices in various conferences and exams has greatly increased, and mobile phone signal shielding naturally has a broad market. However, most users lack sufficient knowledge about cell phone signal jammers. In order to achieve better results, one-sided selection of high-power mobile phone jammers will bring many hidden dangers.

The principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is to use broadband to send interference signals to interfere with the uplink signal of the mobile phone to achieve the effect of shielding the mobile phone from working. So this itself is where the signal comes from. As a signal source, there will naturally be radiation. The transmit power of existing shielding devices varies from 1W to 480W according to the usage requirements. How big is this transmission power? In contrast, the transmission power of GSM mobile phones is 2W, and the GSM macro base station is generally 20W to 40W. The shielded transmit power for general exams and conferences is between 10W and 60W.