High-power cell phone jammers suitable for use in prisons

Some people are looking for a portable cell phone jammer that can be easily removed when needed. Someone is looking for a signal jammer with a shielding distance of several meters, which is suitable for many fixed places such as classrooms, homes, offices, etc. Cell phone jammers should be AC ​​powered. But are there high-powered cell phone jammers suitable for prison use? Do you know why prisons that use high-powered cell phone jammers are still in use? The main reason may be that almost everyone is now focusing more on the security field. Therefore, in special places such as the military and prisons, strict attention should be paid to safety conditions. Now you can also help people with high-powered cell phone jammers as a safety tool, and see. Take prison cell phone jammers as an example, you will know that there are high power cell phone signal jammers suitable for use in prisons.

At present, the smallest one on the market is 12w, and the coverage of this kind of power cell phone signal jammer is generally within 50 meters. This kind of low-power mobile phone signal jammer has a weak ability to penetrate walls, so it is generally only suitable for relatively empty classrooms. If something else is blocking the classroom, a cell phone jammer isn’t enough. Second, if there is a base station nearby, a cell phone signal jammer can be installed according to the size of the classroom. Generally speaking, it is enough to install a 100-square-meter classroom, and 200-300 square meters can be selected according to the surrounding environment. If there are no base stations, only two need to be installed. If the effect in the examination room is not good, it means that the number of people needs to be increased. The last situation is that the coverage of the cell phone jammer itself is not very good. At this time it needs to be installed. One classroom needs to install two or three. If it is a mobile phone signal jammer with strong coverage, it is enough to install one in two classrooms of 100 square meters.