Cell Phone Jammers Block Internet Information

Many people have long felt that the mobile data signal at home is particularly poor. They can’t make phone calls at home or use mobile internet to connect to the internet. This doesn’t happen inadvertently at a certain time or at a certain time. The situation is the same across the region. It is seriously suspected that someone maliciously uses a mobile cell phone jammer to block the signal in our area, making the general signal amplifier ineffective and requiring a higher power signal amplifier.

We have been developing and researching, and now high-power signal amplifiers have been put on the shelves, which can completely solve the problem of large-area data signals. The cell phone signal booster is slightly larger in size and has a strong ability to adjust professional data signals, but it takes up a little space at home. Therefore, in order to allow consumers to have a better product experience, the products currently developed by Linchuang Technology are small in size, high in power, and occupy as small an area as possible, which can not only improve mobile phone signals, but also do not take up space at home. In the future, cell phone signal amplifiers may be portable without worrying about signal loss.

The radio management department responded to the 5G signal shielding vulnerability test questions uploaded by the candidates. At present, domestic mobile phone signal jammers do not mean that they cannot block 5G signals, but some models of mobile phone signal jammers do not fully cover the 5G commercial frequency band. This problem is related to the incomplete coverage of the current signal jammer frequency band. For example, the 5G frequency band of the mobile phone is 2.6G, which is the same as its existing 4G frequency band, so even the old signal jammer should be able to handle it theoretically.

However, China Telecom Unicom’s 5G frequency band 3.5G is indeed far from the two 4G frequency bands. If you use an old model of signal jammer, there is indeed a possibility that it cannot be blocked. In order to prevent such cheating incidents from happening again, the most reasonable solution is to develop signal jammers with stronger shielding ability and more comprehensive shielding frequency bands. In addition, it is also important to purchase qualified products from regular manufacturers. But is this the core of the problem? Why can the mobile phone be brought into the examination room, why can I take out the mobile phone in the examination room to get the test paper, and why can I take out the mobile phone and get the test paper in the examination room? These are the crux of the matter! Don’t shy away from focusing on the most important issues, only discuss technology, and avoid or even ignore human factors such as oversight and under-organization.