Cell Phone Jammers Effectively Prevent Misuse of Cell Phones in Meetings

Some individuals or companies that sell wireless cell phone jammer instruments use second-hand chips, machines with poor capacitors, and identical-looking eight-channel cell phone jammer on the market. The chip inside is 5 channels, and then the materials used are different. The chip is the heart of a cell phone jammer. The quality of the cell phone jammer is directly related to the life of the cell phone jammer. The chips are selected from the origin, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, and domestic products. However, many mobile phone jammer manufacturers choose South Korea and Taiwan to save costs.

Chips are the choice of second-tier manufacturers. Many cheap products will choose second-hand chips. This chip is deadly. Chips removed from the machine at high heat are used twice. Many internal components are affected by high temperatures. , the service life is very short. Generally, mobile phone jammers will be broken after a few months of use, or some mobile phone jammers will be blocked intermittently. Occasionally, the effect is not bad. Sometimes the symptom of failure is the second-hand disassembly chip. Through the above judgments, it is basically possible to judge the quality of a mobile phone signal jammer, and it also determines the service life of the machine.

Typically, in order to maintain the seriousness of the meeting and the confidentiality of the information, during the meeting, the mobile phone needs to be muted or turned off. But many times, I forget to adjust the volume or turn off the phone. As soon as the phone rings, it will embarrass yourself and cause unnecessary disturbance to the iron sequence of the venue. If it is when the leader is speaking or when the staff of the external unit is in a meeting, the ringtone of the mobile phone will interrupt the leader’s speech and damage the image of the unit. In order to effectively prevent the abuse of mobile phones during the meeting and ensure the iron order of the venue, the normal meeting can continue in a quiet and serious atmosphere. When participants can no longer consciously turn off their mobile phones, they can only use hardware means in the venue area. Use a cell phone jammer to block cell phone signals in a small area.