Cell phone jammers prevent students from cheating

Is the phone ringing around you? Or when you’re watching a new Hollywood movie and someone picks up the phone and talks loudly? At gas stations, there’s a “No Cell Phones” sign, but some people don’t care about your safety when they’re on the phone.

To solve all these problems, all we need is a cell phone jammer. Cell phone smoke can block cell towers, so nearby phones won’t show any service. All calls will resume when the interfering device is turned off. This is an easy way to get rid of noisy calls. Mobile phone smog will only block the frequency bands used by mobile phones and will not interfere with the normal use of other electronic devices unless you also choose to block their functions.

Cell phone jammers are installed in children’s classrooms. At first I thought it was used to prevent students from cheating in the middle school entrance examination, and it is still used now. Many parents at the school were concerned that the electromagnetic waves emitted by the cellphone-jamming devices could endanger their children’s health.