Cell phone jammer to block Apple mobile phone signal

Generally speaking, the common mobile cell phone jammer on the market can’t really interfere with the recording of the iPhone, mainly because the filter capacitor is added to the recording microphone system of the iPhone, so that the recording function of the iPhone has a relatively strong anti-interference ability. But not all cell phone jammers can’t work with iPhones. At present, there are mobile phone jammers that can effectively interfere with the recording function of Apple mobile phones, such as the newly developed new mobile phone jammer.

This type of equipment covers more types of interference equipment, whether it is a professional recording equipment such as a high-end tape recorder, or an Apple mobile phone, it can effectively interfere. You can understand that reporters in Monterrey, Mexico recently found out that when they went to church to cover celebrity weddings, their cell phones were always off. It turns out that the church recently installed a cell phone jammer made in Israel.