Cell Phone Jammers for Individual Needs

This year is the “Integrity Test Advertising Year” in our province. Before the start of the test, each candidate’s mobile phone received a reminder text message from the State Personnel and Social Security Bureau, reminding them to take the integrity test. According to the person in charge of the National Personnel Examination Institute, a number of measures have been taken this year to prevent cheating in the written test. First, the Provincial People’s Information Office will check the candidates’ ID cards on the spot to prevent the phenomenon of taking the test. The second is to configure a radio signal vehicle to search for radio signals in the reconnaissance room, block them immediately after discovery, and arrest them on the spot.

The third is how to find cell phone jammer placed in the examination room to prevent candidates from transmitting information; the fourth is to increase monitoring efforts and strengthen inspection manpower in the inspection room. In addition, candidates are not allowed to submit their exam assignments for the current year in advance and must leave the exam room after the end of the exam period for that subject. This is also to prevent candidates who submit papers early from leaking exam questions during the exam process. We provide a safe environment. The main telecommunications networks in most countries are 3G and 4G. Cut off a big horn on a nearby train. Interfering with 2G 3G cellular signals. Important WLAN radio shielding is multifaceted. You can disconnect your phone from its mobile base station.

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