Cell Phone Jammers Prevent Information Theft

If the meeting room does not have a pre-installed dark compartment (wall-mounted cassette) reserved for 5G shielding equipment, usually the best advice is to use some wall access or free space in the corner of the meeting room to create a side cabinet. The selection of materials and color matching should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the conference room. This side cabinet can be specially used to install a mobile cell phone jammer device.

In the actual construction process, the side cabinet used to install the 5G jammer device needs to reserve the threading hole for the power input, and at the same time reserve a certain air inlet and outlet on the side or back of the side cabinet, so as to facilitate the normal operation of the mobile phone signal jammer device Work. Cooling ventilation.

The customer made full use of the conference room environment and created a special installation side cabinet for the mobile phone signal jammer that is very suitable for the conference room environment. The interior space of this sideboard is also large enough, and our company is installed inside. The shielding device’s medium power 5G shielding device also comes with a dedicated mounting bracket for the high-gain omnidirectional antenna of the mobile phone jammer device.

What are the benefits of using a cell phone jammer in a conference room? Why use cell phone jammers in meetings? Mobile phones are used to transmit voice and data information in open electronic communication systems. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, the call information of a certain time, a certain place, and a certain person can be intercepted. Therefore, if the mobile phone information is stolen during the meeting, the loss will be very serious, so most governments or companies will use mobile phone signal jammers to block the mobile phone signal during the meeting.